Mobile Conversions: These mistakes slow down

For everyone who makes money on the Internet, it should be self-evident that websites are designed for mobile devices. Otherwise many potential customers are blocked from the beginning. Responsive design can be found almost everywhere but for mobile customers there are some other important factors that should be considered when making money.

Internet is Internet, whether on the computer or on the smartphone. This opinion is still believed by many. It cannot be explained otherwise, why the structure of the website and the purchase process are the same. If customers are tormented by logging into an offer through eternally long forms, which can hardly be operated with the smartphone, this certainly does not increase the conversion rate. Here, it is therefore necessary to adapt the registration process for mobile terminals and to make them as simple as possible.

Conversion killers are, incidentally, operating errors that affect specific devices. If I know that devices from a particular manufacturer cause problems, it is worth taking a look at the statistics. If many visitors come with such a terminal, the error costs me a lot of money. The same applies to operating systems. Such things should always be kept in view.

So there are quite a few differences between using an offer on the computer or the smartphone. Basically, in mobile offers, the following is the best way to keep the channels short, only to query the most necessary data and to quickly make a purchase because where the desktop is often still clicked back and forth, one goes on the smartphone directly.