Google wants to launch a “fair” AdBlocker

At the end of April, we wrote about the Google Adblocker. However, everything was quite speculative and no one knew exactly how it would fit together. After all, Google also deserves money through advertisements and thus does not fit these two sides of the coin at first glance. Now it is clear: the Adblocker comes in any case – and with it a new paid content model!

For Google, the user is always the focus. Accordingly, the Adblocker seems to want to build a model that meets the user, but without hurting advertisers and website owners. The Adblocker, which can be integrated in the Chrome browser from 2018, should, for example, hide advertising that does not meet the standard.

To keep the site owner from losing all advertising revenue, Google also wants to bring a paid content model onto the market with the site owner of users who uses third-party ad blockers to demand money to read articles. It remains to be seen how this can be implemented in practice and how advertising is treated as “evil”. The paid content model is still to be tested this year, so that 2018 the new solution can go online.