Twitter allows direct messages from all users

In the German-speaking world, Twitter has never really reached the masses, but it is still very busy by some target groups even in the area of the adult entertainment this social media channel offers some opportunities. Whoever is active in other countries and also uses Twitter in multiple languages or at least in English, can even address a rather large user group directly and at no great cost. For success, nothing more is required than continuity and naturally appealing content.

At the moment, Twitter always changes something and tries to rise in the favor of the users. The latest change will not cause cheers for every user, but it has some advantages for marketing: Direct messages can now also be obtained from accounts that are not followed. So far, that was not possible and so you could address other users only publicly and directly and then had, of course, the 140-character limit. In the case of the direct messages, this limitation falls away and especially when it is erotic content, this private address is certainly much better than a public one.

For this to work, the user must have approved the feature once – so it is not possible anywhere. Also, similar to Facebook, there is an additional inbox in which these messages end up. Thus the spam is stopped and everyone can decide whether or not he wants to read these messages. Currently, the new feature is only available in the mobile apps, but this is about to change soon. How can this new opportunity can be integrated into marketing, of course, everyone has to find out for themselves, but it is definitely worth trying out some strategies here!