So like user advertising

Advertising is not always received positively, we all know from our own experience. There is probably no one who has not been annoyed by certain advertising formats now and again and one or the other may have already considered testing an adblocker. On the other hand, we all know how important advertising is. We ourselves earn our money with it – without we cannot make business anymore. There is then only one possible compromise: choose advertising formats, which bring good results and the users also like.

Whoever evaluates his advertising campaigns and always tries out new formats knows quite quickly what kind of advertising is important and achieves the desired results. If you do not have enough time or budget to test many different formats, you will be pleased with the survey by Jakob Nielsen, the usability professional. 452 Americans were shown different advertising formats and then they were asked for their opinion. It is not surprising that no advertising was perceived as particularly positive – nevertheless, the evaluation clearly shows what is accepted and what is not.

For desktop, for example, it is very unpopular when autoplay videos are used. Also, many do not like when the content of a website is postponed to build advertisements. More importantly, the users are okay with the banners on the right sidebar of a page; and also further links, which appear below the actual content, are not considered particularly disturbing.

The perception on mobile devices is then again somewhat different. There, the advertising that moves the content belongs to the most common formats and even promotional clips, which are switched before videos and cannot be skipped, hardly anyone dislike. Best further links on mobile devices are accepted. Overall, however, the survey clearly showed that mobile advertising is even more annoying than on the desktop. So there will be a challenge in the near future, too, to find the right formats that shows real success.