Google has a lot in motion

With Google, it has been around for some time that the big updates are no longer needed, in which the entire index is turned upside down within a few days. This does not mean that the search engine doesn’t do anything. The updates are now however, not quite as strong or they are pulling out over a longer period of time.

So it was also clear now that in the last few weeks again so much was done in the SERP’s. and for a change, it has not hit the small websites, which have to fight anyway, but giants like Amazon, Facebook as well as many other big brands; they have lost a lot of visibility – in the desktop search as well as in the mobile index.

Of course many already analyze this update and try to find out what Google has rated differently here. Everyone agrees: this time, there is no update that spam combat or black hat methods should be abstracted – much more, Google shows here probably from the nice side and would like to spend other websites more visibility.

All sites that are among the losers in this update have one thing in common: the low domain popularity. This means that these pages are often linked, but too many links come from a domain and that makes a bad value at the domain popularity. For the SERPs, this means that in the future there will probably be some more variety.

Could you feel changes and maybe even feel more traffic and better positions in the index?