Austria likes online dating!

Many know Austria only from holidays and especially ski holidays. The mountains are known for great downhill runs and even better parties in the evening. Of course, it is also wonderful flirting, at least for the guests. The Austrians themselves are not usually around but are at least open to hot dates, which may happen more than just drinking coffee. Even though in Austria you are not exactly prudish, one does not like to go to clubs or at the parties to the search for sex dates. This is done online and all the more frequently and more intensely!

Austria is a rather small country and comes to just 8.8 million inhabitants. The country is proud of its traditions, but also always open to new things. Online dating was very popular at an early age. And nothing has changed over the years. On the contrary, in Austria, more and more people get to know each other via the internet and meet to have fun together. Not only singles are very active but Austrians are often available for a fling!

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Are you already using our dating service in Austria? What are your experiences?