Changes in the Facebook algorithm

It’s no secret: What we see in our Facebook newsfeed is the decision of Facebook. Especially for operators of Facebook sites this is not always an advantage. If they want to achieve a lot of reach, they often have to resort to small tricks to keep the interaction high and therefore to be relevant. Because only then the contributions are also displayed in the newsfeeds of those who have liked the page. However, the new newsfeed algorithm update does not affect pages, but much more what is shared by private profiles.

As Facebook itself, there is a growing number of private profiles that shares links daily in large numbers, behind which is not exactly high-quality content. Rather, it is often about clickbaits, fake news and other things that nobody would like to see in their newsfeed. With the spread of bots, this form of spam continues to grow and Facebook wants to put a stop to this.

With the update that is currently being executed, exactly these links, which are constructed according to the above-mentioned pattern, are to lose massive visibility and thus also hardly get still reach. So what looks like spam is just barely visible for other Facebook users in the Newsfeed. Operators of Facebook sites have so little to fear with this update – there are once again completely different rules.

For users, this newsfeed algorithm update is of course positive. With all the content, which is going daily through our newsfeed, we would like, of course, also a little filtered and above all, what is ultimately also interesting and especially in the area of the news also corresponds to the truth. So the update has advantages, even if it means for some new ways in marketing.