Is Bing a competition for Google?

When it comes to search engines, Google is unquestionably the number 1 – and almost worldwide. It is not for nothing that the brand has already become a verb, which is known as a synonym for the use of a search engine. But what about the competition? Is there any search engine that Google can see as a competition? Yandex is now almost the same in some countries of the world in the popularity of Google, is even used more and more. But in the rest of the world the giant dominates the search queries.

The popularity that Google has achieved is probably hard to beat. That is why no one has ever been able to be perceived as serious competition. Only Microsoft could be viewed with the in-house search engine Bing and much benevolence as a competition. But this does not apply in all areas. With desktop searches, however, some users are reverting to Bing, but again only in some countries. This shows a graphic that Microsoft has now published and which is based on data from an independent vendor.

This graph shows that Bing globally holds a market share of 9 percent in desktop searches. This does not appear much first, but then look at the spread in the individual countries, it looks different. For example, in the US 33% of all desktop searches are made via Bing. In Europe, however, the Bing network is only an average of 9 percent, which corresponds to the global market share. Only Great Britain stands out with a utilization ratio of 26 per cent.

A serious competitor is Bing in some countries of the world. But here it must also be mentioned clearly that desktop searches are not exactly an area that will have a great influence in the future. Much more interesting is the mobile use – and there Microsoft still has a lot of room for improvement.

What about you when you take a look into your stats. Is Bing as a traffic source that stands out?