Size does matter!

Social media should make the world and communication easier. Even marketing should be easier and in many areas and in fact, this really is the case. Social media has opened doors for which you have not even dreamed of before but where the sun shines, there are also shadows. This includes, in any case, the many different image formats that are necessary for different networks which changes every few weeks.

Okay, it’s not so bad, but why do profile pictures and cover pictures differ in sizes, we all probably do not really understand, right? Since we cannot change the fact in itself nor the measurements as well as other details like file sizes and formats of the graphics playing a role, remains to us only one possibility: write down everything! This is a job you do not have to do yourself, others have already done this.

Matt Banner from did so for an example and summarized all relevant picture sizes for the most common social networks in a great infographic. But others have done so before and after him. Especially with Matts cheat sheet, however, it contains much more useful information, such as keyboard shortcuts for easier use of the networks and also the best times for postings and much more. This gives you the graphics at a glance the most important information to the respective network and you can use it even better for your marketing.

Here you will find the great infographic