SEO for images is often underestimated

Have you ever tried to get traffic from Google Images on your websites? And do you optimize your pictures also to work specifically on this traffic? If not, you should really think about it. Especially when it comes to entertainment and dating, visual impressions play a big role and anyone who scores with pictures can reach a lot of additional visitors – and this is even easier than the conventional search results, which are often highly competitive.

For many webmasters, images are just a means of gaining customers when visitors are already on the site. The idea of ​​using the images to win the visitors does not come all. This is why it is advisable to make the pictures fit for the image search and to use the advantage. A great picture is after all always a good figurehead.

In order to rank well in the image search, of course, a lot must be considered. So it is advisable to offer the pictures not only as a thumbnail, but in a larger format – without however the file size too much to drive up. What can be loaded quickly, is also better here. Of course, the quality should also be right. If it fits all, it is important to give information to the pictures as well. From the filename to the title and tags, there is plenty of space for descriptive keywords. If the images fit into the context of the page (for example, a fruit on a dating page is not appropriate), Google will look very well.

It is also not a good idea, to describe the pictures simply with other information than they ultimately indicate. For example, you can specify anywhere in the image information that it is a blue car. If the image itself is a red apple, Google recognizes this and will certainly not get a good ranking for it. How much Google can recognize from an image, you can test yourself here by the way.