imaXcash – everything you need!

Dating is a true long runner online. Whilst over the years many trends have come and gone again, the desire for dating has remained constant, if not even grown. Experience adventure and simply plan it over the Internet, is a good thing for many people. Our partners who make cash with our dating services know this, of course. And they also appreciate the fact that not only do the offers fit and be well received, but they also have a wide range of tools and advertising media to help expand the success!

From many years of experience and close co-operation with our partners, we know what is important and what is really needed – and of course, we are also looking after that. And so there are not only many advertising media but also specially developed tools to help you with your daily work. The advertisements are, of course, also tailored to the different countries, so that you can get the best results without even making banners.

But what exactly does imaXcash offer? To call everything in detail would be too much. But we like to give you an insight:

– Banners in different formats (Desktop & Mobile)
– Landing pages
– Email parking
– RSS Export
– Direct links
– SignUp / Login Box
– Email templates
– HTML5 banner
– Banner Designer
– and much more.

The best thing we can offer you, however, is an individual support by our team. So we can find out together, what your traffic reacts and what the best results with you. Our team is at your disposal to help you decide about the right offers and also has a tip for you, how you can achieve even more!