Will online dating change society?

The times in which you got to meet your partner through friends, your place of work, or even a night out are largely over. Of course, this is still happening, but online dating is also the starting point for relationships of all kinds. And that probably influences relationships as well as, to a large extent, the society we live in. Suddenly, contacts are established with people whom you would never have met before and boundaries become more permeable.

Scientists from the Universities of Vienna and Essex conducted a study together and found out that more and more people get to know each other, who do not come from the same environment and often not even from the same culture. As a result, one’s own perception have “grown” and instead of being surrounded by the usual and the same, it is exciting to discover something new. And that, if you want to make connections, this could also have an impact on the duration of relationships one that has increased and that speaks for more quality. Whether this has to do with the way of getting to know, but could not be directly proven. However, the assumption is in the room.

It is also interesting that many like to try offers with matching function, but most of the dates are not about the suggestions, but about freely chosen contacts. Preferences and expectations are then gladly put aside, if the spark skips and also differences in origin, education, etc. become less important. And that makes relationships more colorful! Of course, how this will affect the long term cannot yet be said. But in principle it is never wrong when people are open to new things and structures that have existed for many generations are loosened a bit.