Google Adblocker is coming in a few weeks!

Adblockers are causing headaches for many advertisers. More and more of them are installed at the users computer and ensure that advertising money evaporates and it is even more difficult to reach the potential customers. Not surprisingly, many were also slightly worried when Google announced in June 2017 that they would integrate an adblocker into the Chrome browser. Since a short time now the date is fixed on which the adblocker will be activated: it will be the 15th of February 2018.

Advertising on the Internet is often viewed critically. For us, who make their money online, of course it is not without – some users, however, do not want to be distracted by banners or the like from the actual content of the site. It was not a problem for a few years. There were banners on the websites, a satisfactory number of users responded, others did not. Everything was good. Then, users began to blind themselves to traditional advertising messages. CTRs deteriorated and advertisers responded by using banners that are guaranteed to attract attention. The result: Many users were annoyed or annoyed at the Adblocker which came on the market and became more popular. As long as they have to be installed separately, they are not necessarily used by the majority of users. It looks different when they are tightly integrated with popular browsers.

That’s exactly what Google’s Adblocker will do when it’s integrated with the Chrome browser. Also, this adblocker works differently than any other. Not all banners are blocked here but only those that are classified by the Coalition of Better Ads as annoying. But what sounds pretty reasonable up to this point, continues as unattractive. In fact, if a banner is considered annoying, the webmaster has a 30-day window to remove it. If that does not happen, all banners will be blocked – even if they are completely alright.

It is therefore not wrong to deal with the guidelines and to make preparations. Otherwise, revenue can be lost!