Global market share of search engines

Even if Google is already known as a synonym for search engines, there are still other competitors on the market, which can not be intimidated by the big competition, but much more looking for their place or their niche and satisfying their customers. But even they realize: against the superior power of Google, it will be difficult to do anything.

Each year, in the first quarter, there are a lot of statistics and look-up tables that look at developments or show market share. Of course, this also applies to the global use of search engines. Although there are not really any surprises here for a few years, small changes can be recognized.

As a search engine, Google is once again high on the list of global market shares in 2017 this year. Taking everything together (desktop and mobile), Google 2017 has a market share of 91.97 percent as a search engine (92.57 percent in 2016). Noteworthy are next to only Bing, which in 2017, as in 2016 can have a value of 2.75 percent and Yahoo! with a market share of 1.61% in 2017 (2.09% in 2016). So it quickly shows that this is not really a competition.

Looking at the shares in the mobile market, Google is even more dominant there, before Yahoo! and Bing, however, also Baidu appears in the statistics. All in all, it was another good year for Google as a search engine. If you then consider that the search engine is only one part of the company and there are many other successful offers around, this is really a remarkable achievement. Not for nothing Google is considered the second most valuable company in the world!