Customer support is an important success factor

As operators of various dating services, we work day after day on many different things. On the one hand, of course, to the offers themselves, that have to be developed, maintained and updated with new features. On the other hand, we are working on the platform, with which we offer you the opportunity to promote our offers, create advertising material, new functions and take care of the payment and more. Finally, the work for the customers is necessary, because if they have decided for a membership, they would also like to receive support when questions arise.

The daily communication with our customers is extensive. Sometimes a customer forgets the access data or can not login due to his firewall. Then again, a payment has not passed or there are generally questions about billing, prices or the like. And finally, many customers simply pour out their hearts or worry about their anonymity. So there is always something going on and boredom never comes up in customer support.

For customers to be satisfied and to feel well understood, good support is important. Only if a customer receives a timely response to his questions and he is simply and easily helped further, he remains a customer. Otherwise, the customers punish with a termination of membership and thus no one is helped. Our support offices are distributed all over the world and not infrequently the coworkers speak not only the national language of the offers, but come even from the country and is familiar with the culture. This little extra seems insignificant at first glance, but makes a big difference in practice.

With an almost unshakable patience, the customer is helped quickly and easily when it comes to questions and not infrequently leads to the fact that from a user who has previously registered only for free, a customer who for many months his Membership paid. Also customer support is a kind of marketing – and we take this area very seriously!