New interface on the Google Search Console

The Google Search Console, long known as Webmaster Tools, has been redesigned. Webmasters who use this very important tool for their websites will receive an email when the newly developed interface is available to them – and they can then look forward to receiving well-designed information.

The Google Search Console was never a contender for beauty prices. The tool was reduced and prepared, to put it nicely once. It sprayed the charm of an authority but reliably delivered exactly the information that is needed. Now that’s over, because after other Google services have been provided with a nicer user interface, now is the search console’s turn.

The fact that the new interface should come was already announced about three weeks ago by Google Designers and now the roll-out has started. So far, the opinions of those who already have the new design are quite positive. Nothing seems jumbled, all important things are recognizable at a glance and the graphics invite you to take a closer look at them.

It is rated as particularly positive that Search Console’s Look & Feel has now also adapted to other services such as Google Analytics. So you meet familiar presentations and feels accordingly as it is well cared for and has no fear to look at the functions more closely. For a brief overview of whether everything is running as usual, just take a look at the overview page. So you can keep up to date in between. If more precise data is required, they can of course also be quickly brought to the monitor and comparisons can even be made quite easily.

So the redesign has been successful all around and finally it’s really fun to deal with the important data from Search Console.