Even overlays can now be blocked

After Popups and Popunders are now automatically blocked by many browsers, it is almost no longer worth using them. Instead, more and more website owners are resorting to overlays in order to prominently place their marketing message or to put the subscription to the newsletter in the spotlight. These overlays are sometimes rather small and close with one click. But sometimes they fill the screen and annoy you. So no one has to be annoyed anymore, there is now a Chrome extension, which quickly puts an end to overlays.

When it comes to topics like pop-ups and overlays, there are always two hearts beating in our chest. For one thing, we are of course users ourselves and use the internet very intensively. Of course, sometimes it annoys us, even if the advertising appears everywhere on the monitor, if we just want to have quick information. On the other hand, we ourselves are also owners of websites and know that these advertising opportunities really do bring good results – and not necessarily because the user has to click, but simply because it attracts attention. From this point of view, we would not like to do without overlays and the pop- ups.

With the Chrome extension BehindTheOverlay overlays now disappear quickly from the website. At least for the users who have activated this extension. A single click on a button is enough and the overlay is gone – no matter how annoying and penetrating it was before. Of course, from the point of view of the users this is very positive and the fact that the extension keeps itself otherwise in the background and makes no record of data, makes them sympathetic. Whether it reaches a large circle of users remains to be seen. Let’s hope that we will be able to use the overlays for marketing for a long time to come – even though we ourselves might occasionally resort to the help of the extension. 😉