WordPress and Google work together!

For companies of whatever size, it is not necessarily wrong to work with others at some point. Especially if both parties can benefit from the cooperation. So it was not just for discussions that Google announced some time ago to support WordPress.

WordPress now has a market share of 60 percent amongst the content management systems and more and more websites are created with it. Of course, Google also observes this because the pages created with WordPress also dominate the search engine index. So what could be more appropriate than linking the expertise of both parties and thus creating benefits for all?

Being Google has announced now the support of WordPress it should be designed especially in the areas of performance and mobile experience. Exactly those are the topics on which Google is worth a lot. With the experience that have already collected at Google, of course, the WordPress developers can be helped. Because even then speed and mobile are always an issue.

A team full of WordPress and Google employees are working together on existing issues, creating a solid foundation for the future. With new experts fresh wind is to be brought into the team. That sounds exciting and above all, logical. When experts from different fields pool their knowledge, great things can come out of it. We are curious!