More success with your whitelabel

If you as a webmaster use the products of imaXcash, you can take advantage of the many benefits readily available such as for you. design, content, payment system – all this comes as a complete package and you do not need to do much more than generate traffic. However, this task is not always easy, especially if you offer what others have in their portfolio.

If you as a webmaster only buy traffic or use e-mail marketing, you have no problem with offers that are in the same form more often on the market. However, if you as a webmaster, for example, have a good domain and want to build the offer as a small brand, you need more individuality.

If the name is not just a side effect, but also contributes significantly to the success of the website or mobile site, a white label is a great alternative to your own product. As the webmaster of imaXcash you benefit from our service MyDatingSiteBuilder and can request a whitelabel of our products with one click. In order for the whitelabel to support your marketing activities in the best possible way, we adapt the logo, the colors and even the button design of our offers to your specifications. With this we give them a new, individual look which you can differentiate yourself from the competitors and really get started.

Whitelabel solutions also offer many opportunities for your marketing. You have better branding and you can make the logo / name of the website or mobile site much easier to read. Logos especially often stick in the mind of interested parties and the more often they are perceived (even unconsciously), which builds a greater trust resulting in thus the chance that a registration takes place. The brand is constantly working for itself and we like to support you with the MyDatingSiteBuilder.