WordPress 5.0 offers more comfort

It’s unbelievable how many websites run with the open source software WordPress. On the other hand, of course, we can understand well why so many website owners rely on it. A simple installation and the possibility to extend the site with plugins, makes WordPress simply attractive for the users. It does not need any design knowledge and you do not have to be a programmer to create a visually and technically appealing website in a short time.

WordPress developers are currently working on version 5.0, which is expected to be released in April 2018 in an alpha version. The new version brings under the project name “Gutenberg” especially a completely redesigned user interface. This not only changes the look, but also the way in which content is inserted. The popular and well-known TinyMCE editor is then replaced by a new one that addresses the growing needs of users.

Already, many themes and plugins offer site builder or at least shortcodes, which can be used to make the content modular. In the kit is then simply and easily arranged, which should be seen on the individual pages. This not only provides the user with more comfort, but also makes the use of some plugins superfluous.

Plugins are a topic that you should still study intensively before the new WordPress version comes. With such massive changes, it can also lead increasingly to compatibility problems. Especially niche plugins can lead to problems and it is advisable to check the compatibility in advance. But there is still time and the WordPress developers themselves are still implementing new features every day and making changes. Only when everything works to its fullest satisfaction, should the new WordPress 5.0 be presented. Until then, much can be tested.