Simply test different resolutions

Nowadays, creating a website that is reasonably displayed anywhere can be a nerve-racking endeavor. If you only had to make sure that websites will be displayed correctly in different browsers (especially Internet Explorer) it would be okay, but you still have to struggle with different resolutions on smartphones and tablets that do not make things easier. It is usually very rare to find someone who has all the devices on the market at home for you to test there.

Fortunately, there are a number of helpful tools to support you with this work. The Resizer is one of them. With it, you can easily test websites for a variety of resolutions and quickly find out where problems with the display are occurring or where the operation of the website becomes a problem due to a small screen size.

The operation of the tool is really self-explanatory. Simply enter the website you want to test and then select the respective devices in the top right of the icons. The website is then displayed and above the bar you can still make tests with various widths. Design errors can thus be quickly recognized and a user-friendly website is no longer in the way – regardless of which device it is called.