Vero: hype or app with potential?

For some days, the social media world is in turmoil: a “new” app promises a true social media experience and influencers around the world are calling to take advantage of the new opportunities. Under the name Vero and the slogan “True Social”, the new social network, which is designed only for mobile devices, is a hype and is referred to as the next big thing. But can it really be that?

Vero should be better than Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat together according to some influencers talks about the app. Apparently the app comes up with many features and promises to be completely ad-free and thus without any algorithm and stay. Virtually everything can be shared in it and collections can also be sorted nicely. Also, the connection with other users is easy and there are many nice features available for use which is currently completely free. At least for the first 1 million users it should stay this way. Only then should the app be charged, but still remain ad-free.

Whether this business model will work out remains to be seen. Especially in the social media area, people are not really ready to pay for apps. Some have already tried that and failed. Switching to other business models will not be easy either. Right now, the app is popular because it’s all unfiltered and without an algorithm. If, for example, advertising is integrated, this will no longer be possible without problems. Then the users would be annoyed again.

But what is even more interesting is the question of whether Vero really is the new star in the social media heaven. After all, the app has been around for two years but has only been known to a few so far. Even now it is still in the beta phase and the hype is not without consequences. Alone the registration and the login rarely work without problems and many users also report that they can not share any content. If these problems are not resolved quickly, the interest can flatten again.

In addition, many other social networks have been hyped in a similar way and then a few weeks later nobody talks about them. So it remains to be seen how it will develop – and how the first marketers will use Vero to gain traffic.