Google test or malware?

The Google SERPs are constantly changing. Sometimes the changes are so minimal that they do not really stand out. On other days, everything seems to be turned upside down and the question of whether you got into a test group or the SERPs have really changed fundamentally comes on. But not always, if something looks different in the search results, it must really be a test or update from Google. Sometimes other factors play a role!

For example, Adwords ads recently caused confusion on many SEOs. A screenshot published on Google+ showed a fusion of Adwords ads and traditional search results. Above all, it was unsettling that paid advertisements were almost indistinguishable from the organic results. And that would be anything but a nice development for SEOs. Also new was a small lettering on the top right, which could easily be overlooked, but made sure that the ads were hidden.

Quick SEO experts like Barry Schwartz were on the spot and analyzed the screenshot and tried to find out what was going on there. Finally, Google itself was interviewed, however, no test was confirmed. So there is only one logical explanation: It is malware – even if many thought that Google wants to spread its Adwords ads even more and would not admit it.

It is now clear that this is really adware that seems to be extremely prevalent right now and is causing many users to change the Google results page. If the phenomenon occurs, there are many instructions on how to remove the adware. And all SEOs can take a deep breathe and carry on – Adwords ads will be visible to everyone for the time being.