Save time by repetitions!

Anyone who works with a lot of text content, for example running blogs or the like, will certainly use one or the other social network to apply for new posts. For some, this is done automatically via a plugin, others rely on the manual version and supply the social media even with posts to innovations. No matter which variant you choose, you only get very short-term prospects, because a status update or Tweet is quickly lost in the crowd. For example, a tweet will only be mentioned on average for about 15 minutes and on Facebook, statistics speaks of a half-life of 30 minutes.

So, many people who include social networks in their marketing pay close attention to when they post the news to reach a multitude of prospects. When the time is right, it’s easy to find out when you look at the statistics and see what kind of news triggered the most interaction at what time. This information as mentioned is used – but you still give away a lot of potential.

Especially articles which do not necessarily have a current reference, can be advertised several times over social networks. If you post or tweet them at different times, you will definitely reach more people and thus increase your traffic. Instead of just repeating the messages, you should also change the text a bit in order to achieve the best possible results. By the way, you can of course automate that with popular social media tools like Buffer and MeetEdgarSave time by repetitions!.