Google’s Search Console is a win

For many years, many webmasters have resisted using Google’s Search Console. At that time still well-known under Webmaster Tools, the service did not really offer many advantages. In any case, not enough to really reveal everything to Google – because when submitting the pages, a link network can be identified. Meanwhile, this looks different. The Search Console is constantly evolving and now offers many tools that makes life easier for webmasters who pay attention to search engine optimization.

The new Search Console, which was released in early September from the beta phase, really has a lot to offer. We’ve already reported on tools and support here and there, but it’s time to revisit the “Toolbox” once again. If you have not used Search Console for many years and are now looking into it, you will be positively surprised. Right at the beginning, the fresh design stands out, which is clear and intuitive to use. Gone are the days when you have to fight your way through non-functional overviews with a depressing design.

Of course, the nicest design is of no use if the content does not have anything to offer either; and they really have! For example, the ability to check every page for indexing is a great feature. It can also be seen immediately, whether it is in the opinion of Google mobile friendly and when it was last visited by which bot. That creates a good basis for further work. This foundation is reinforced by the amount of data that can now be retrieved through Search Console. So it is now possible to view all the data collected within the last 16 months and thus it is easy to make comparisons and look at where optimizations have achieved something or not achieved the desired effect.

If pages were not indexed by Google as desired, it’s not only easier to find out through Search Console, but it also provides a reason why indexing did not work. This way, you can specifically rework and nobody has to puzzle for a long time, where the error could lie. When all the bugs have been eradicated, it’s even more fun to look at the performance report and see how the work you’ve done will, hopefully, be rewarded with good results and a lot of traffic.

Google continues to work hard to improve its tools and develop new ones. So it is to be expected that there will be some exciting things coming up that will hopefully make the work even easier.