Great tool for WordPress users

As a webmaster it can be overwhelming on the Internet, looking at lots of other sites it is possible to be sometimes more or less enthusiastic when surfing. Especially with blogs, the question arises time and again: “Wow, great theme – which is that?” With “WhatWPThemeIsThat” you get a quick and easy answer to this question and you do not even have to contact the site operator or search the source code for signs of finding the theme.

“WhatWPThemeIsThat” is easy to use: Just enter the URL from the website with the great theme, submit it and seconds later the result is there. In addition to the name of the theme you will also get the link to the website, a description, a preview and much more. If the theme is a self-creation, that is also recognized and pointed out. Pretty easy right?

What is still very exciting about this tool is: In addition to the information on the theme you get the same used plugins. Although all plugins are not always listed, the most important ones that have been recognized are again displayed with a short description and a link to the download option. So you get to know new Plugins in a pleasant way and can be guaranteed to take one or the other; a good tip for your own blogs.