Marketing is always psychology

Marketing is an incredibly complex topic. There are countless ways to bring our products to the customer, and it is precisely this diversity that makes it so difficult. Because just like us, many others try to attract the attention of the customers and so we try many techniques and don’t find any advertising form that works outstandingly. Which does not always decides the form of advertising on the success, but much more often the content and how this is prepared.

Particularly in the field of adult entertainment it is probably rarely rationally to decide buying an access. Rather, it is an impulse buy that can not be influenced at first glance, either the customer is in the mood for dating or not. At second glance, there are already some factors that affect the purchase, but these are not obvious, but controlled by the subconscious mind. The customer does not really perceive what the purchase decision is based on. The term neuromarketing can be found and learned a lot, but of course we would like to give some tips on the subject here as well.

For example, there is a lot to be done about the price in order to have a positive influence on the purchase decision. That 9.99 sold better than 10.00 is already well known, even if the difference in the amount is so small that it makes no difference. But many did not know that 20, – sells better than 20.00. The less numbers the price, the more our head tells us: Yeah, that’s really cheap! Also, a price is perceived as cheaper if it is called at the bottom of the ad / website instead of the top one.

Other little tricks that always drag are to be found in the area of ​​scarcity. Especially with ads, you can work well with a deadline (valid until …) or you announce XX access to a discounted price or the like. With a little imagination, you can find many ways to increase the buying impulse. You can influence even more with photos. Depending on where the model is looking, attention can be directed to something. As far as the text goes, of course, a lot is possible. Rhymes, for example, are quickly picked up and processed by the brain, and numbers stick out of letters, causing attention.

You see, trifles can do a lot in marketing if you know them. Have you already dealt with neuromarketing and implemented measures?