Twitter in the fight against spam

Twitter has been pretty quiet lately. Only here and there were voices from annoyed users who complained about the mass number of spam accounts, which felt day by day had increased. That’s not really surprising, because Twitter offers the ideal conditions for mass advertising. Bots facilitate the work and even build on the so-called “churning” (following and unfollowing of accounts) quickly affecting a large number of followers. The reach obtained is then used in many ways.

Of course, the creators of Twitter know this problem and have banned it in the rules, but nobody seems to care. That’s why Twitter is now active itself and the number of accounts that can be followed per day, went down from 1,000 to 400 now. The number 400 is justified by the fact that research has shown that everything over 400 is unnatural and definitely spam. Some users were a bit surprised, the number is still very high. Companies, on the other hand, were worried that it would not affect support, which many offer via Twitter. However, Twitter calms down the owners of the business accounts and states that they can also receive direct messages from users they do not follow themselves. In the settings they can enable this feature.

Whether Twitter can curb the spammers with this measure remains to be seen. Lately, some steps have been taken in this direction. For example, tweets can be reported as spam, but that alone does not make the service “clean.” There will certainly be a few more measures necessary. The number of spam accounts on Twitter is likely to be really large and declining user numbers last year was explained mainly so that fake accounts were deleted.