Is it possible to categorize dating success?

If you do this or that, you have success in dating. There are always different dating guides and surveys / studies on the subject. We have just read about a survey of members of an online dating site from Germany. There, more than 2,800 singles were asked about their dating behavior and it turned out that the behavior can be categorized into four types. Two success types and two failure types.

Successful singles, who communicate intensively online, are one of them. They make contact on their own, show themselves authentic in communication and talk about their wishes and preferences. So they take their time and look at the online flirt already as part of the date. Even those who quickly move on to a meeting are successful. They do not talk about it for long, but rather decide in reality whether it fits or not. If not, they go online again to find the next candidate. Singles who can not decide are less successful. They are not sure who to write to, and also if they are communicating, it goes in undecided. That usually leads to nothing. Similarly, singles who simply wait and see what others do. They never take the initiative and just wait to be found. That does not fit either.

We looked into our offers because of these dating guys and think that reality is really close. We, too, can understand these different approaches, although of course we do not always know what has led to success and what has not. There is probably no difference whether it is about finding a partner or finding an adventure. The behavior is similar. A positive factor in the search for adventures is certainly that the members are active longer and continue to search for successful dates. After all, change is never wrong. This is particularly evident in the holding times of the offers we have at imaXcash in the portfolio. This, in turn, ensures satisfied partners who are looking forward to growing sales month after month!