Focus on classic marketing again?

In the last few years, almost everything in marketing has been about building social media channels and generating traffic. Whether Twitter, Facebook or Youtube: Who produced good content and beyond the storytelling are considered to be well mastered, especially when they could win over the channels even without switching Ads resulting in many visitors and thus customers. But those times are over. For some time more and more complain that especially on Facebook, the range breaks down. New (or old) strategies are needed.

It’s no secret that most social media platforms have one thing in mind: they want to keep users on the platform for as long as possible. Therefore, in many algorithms, eg. as with Twitter or Facebook, posting with an external link automatically downgraded in the ranking and played on a few people. In Youtube it is even so far that the description text is cut off, if an external link occurs in it. Instagram does not even offer the opportunity to post a link in a post. The signals are so clear, but unfortunately many do not even know how to continue without social media.

If you want to reach and retain your target group in the long term, you have to copy the big social media platforms. The goal must therefore be to keep the customer in the self-created universe and to encourage him to come back again and again. Blogs are a great way to do that, and so they’re back in focus. But also podcasts can bind users. The best option, however, is still email marketing, because it allows the user to be directly and repeatedly addressed. No other instrument can be used so flexibly in marketing. Doing it right, it can also generate good sales and the conversion rate make some ad campaigns look pale.

It is therefore advisable to look at marketing again and to work with the classic strategies. They are anything but boring and stale, but rather still a guarantee of success. Even SEO guru Rand Fishkin is currently advising. He points out that also the traffic from the organic search is always declining and therefore another strategy is required. Instead of going to the search volume alone for optimization, he advises to use the clicks to reach along with long-tail keywords a lot can be achieved.

This development shows that it is certainly good to try new marketing opportunities and to use them as long as they bring traffic. However, classic marketing, such as email marketing, should not be lost sight of. Because that works even when a trend abates and a well-built and maintained list ensures long-term high revenue.