How about your link profile?

Do you know your LIS? No? Then you should change that, because the LIS (Link Influence Score) gives you an indication of how the influence of a link is rated on the ranking. The higher the ILS, the more the link can bring. For anyone who actively engages in link building this is a good clue.

The ILS is just one of the features offered by the free tool Open Link Profiler. This does not make the backlink setup child’s play, but it makes it easier to keep track of activities and results in between. It does not matter if you are actively involved in link building or that you outsource this task to service providers. The Open Link Profiler always shows you where you stand. When analyzing a domain, the number of backlinks are displayed here quickly and without much frills, and of course the source of the link is not hidden. Further information such as the anchor text and Do- / or NoFollow are also available. In addition, you also see when a link was set and from which thematic environment he comes. If you pay attention to the topic relevance, you will also find helpful information here.

The tool thus offers everything you need for a quick overview. Of course, it can not compete with many extensive analyzes from well-known toolboxes, but it is also free of charge and pursues only the goal to quickly provide an overview. This is also interesting, if you want to take a look at the backlinks of the competitors.

The only question left is whether any time should be invested in the backlink structure. According to Google, these have not been relevant for some time, as many think. But they are not unimportant today and good backlinks can still make a difference in the ranking. So it still makes sense today to maintain his link profile and to invest time and money in building new, good links.