Google Chrome 74 is being rolled out with new features

It’s time, Google has started rolling out version 74 of the popular Chrome browser and brings some new features that will certainly be well received by the users. The joy with users of Windows should be particularly large, which can now finally use the dark mode with the new browser version – and without detours.

The Dark Mode was a big topic, since Google with Chrome Version 73 had already provided this feature for Mac users, but Windows users had to put it off. However, the Dark Mode cannot be activated or deactivated in the Chrome browser via a button ; but the browser depends on the system setting. So if the Dark Mode is activated, it will be taken over by Chrome.

But not only this long awaited feature comes with browser version 74. There are further innovations, which should serve above all the safety of the users. For example, it will no longer be possible to automatically start downloads through an embedded iFrame. Instead, it is necessary for the user to actively trigger the download, for example via a button. Here, it is expected that this feature will be the first step towards further action to protect users and will do much more for the Chrome browser in the future.

By blocking “Away-Popups”, another feature of the new version of Chrome, the user is spared another nuisance. Many websites try to bind the user even further when leaving or to show extra advertising and let a popup open at the end of the website. No matter what settings are made in the user’s pop-up blocker, Google Chrome will stop it altogether.

So the new Google Chrome version has some useful new features and will be well received by users. The roll-out has already started, so that in a few days all can have version 74.