Make money with other affiliates

As an affiliate, you have two ways to make money. On the one hand, you can offer end customers products and earn a commission for the sale and on the other hand, you can inspire other affiliates to a program and make money from their earnings. Of course we offer you both possibilities with imaXcash!

Referring affiliates has long been a common practice for building passive income. Eventually it was forgotten a bit. Today, however, it is becoming more popular again, because no one likes to forego additional sales. Some affiliate partners have successfully built a team that cannot only leverage the skills and knowledge of everyone, but also pay the extra commission month after month. The team leader paves the way for his partners with support during the first steps and can be paid indirectly via the referral commission.

Of course, building such a team is just one way to benefit from the referral fee. There are no limits to creativity when it comes to finding opportunities, and we are always pleased to see how unusual ideas lead to successes here too. But what exactly does it take to participate in the referral program?

Who refers affiliates for imaXcash gets 5% of their commission written on their own account – without any ifs or buts. To make it even easier to recruit webmasters, we have prepared advertising material that you can use for it. As always, you can find the ads in your imaXcash account and start referring webmasters immediately. And even if 5 percent does not sound like a lot at first, you can build up a nice additional income with it. Those who win good partners often earn a little more each month and are motivated to win more good partners. This can increase the revenue without you having to do much for yourself. And we all like that, right?