Display or video ads – what brings more success?

Nothing works without advertising, we can all agree on that. But: Advertising is not the same as advertising. There are always things that work more or less well. Working with campaigns is one of the measures that can bring extreme success if the target audience is reached properly. But then there is the question: Which ad formats are really perceived and reach potential customers?

A good measure for evaluating the success of certain ads is the viewability. Only if an ad is also visible, ie perceived by the target group, it can even come to a click. How visible the display is depends primarily on which format is chosen. For a long time, all was focused on display ads, achieving excellent results. Then the video ads were added and created in the approach a good viewability. Now it is the case that some of the video ads are perceived much better than the display ads. That requires a rethinking of all marketing managers.

Meetrics regularly publishes Viewability Benchmarks, showing what goes well and what does not. Not only can these benchmarks be used to gauge trends, but it is also easy to see where there are differences in the popularity of the formats. Every country is different and what works well in Germany, for example, can not boast any noteworthy achievements in the UK. It always pays to look closely at each market.

Basically, however, the benchmarks for the first quarter of 2019 confirm one thing in particular: Video ads are gaining visibility everywhere. Internationally the displayability of Display Ads is given as 59% – video ads make it to 72% (in quarter 4 it was “only” 56%). This is not only an impressive number, but above all a rapid increase. Of course, not all ad formats can be synonymous with each other and depending on the device, there are still various ad formats that work better or worse. But it is also clear that without Video Ads, it will soon be over if the campaigns are to continue to be successful.