Adapt the system to your needs!

If you’re new to a program, or you might be using it for a while, you often overlook small settings with big effects. As a result of this, we issue an important reminder for all webmasters – no matter which offer in the country they currently advertise! It’s about settings in imaXcash itself, which many partners have been using for some time: languages ​​and currencies within the system can be easily changed! Especially our German-speaking partners are pleased that not only English can be selected as the language for the system, but also German can be activated. In addition, all amounts within the system can be displayed in different currencies.

To change the language you can easily select the menu option “My Account” in the navigation under “My”. There, you will see where the master data for the account holder are deposited, is a selection field for the language. Thus, the system can then switch from English to German with just a few clicks.

In addition to the language you can also change the currency in the system for your account. Besides US dollars, you can also find euro and Czech crowns there. If you change the currency setting, your statistics and bills will be displayed in the newly selected currency and your next payout will be made in the new currency. Attention: The conversion of the currency must be confirmed in the system by our support. After you’ve made the setting, it will take a while for the switch to be visible