Mythbusting – Google Launches SEO Video Series

Do you know the Google Webmaster Channel on Youtube? No? Do not worry – you have not missed anything. Because while Google likes to produce high-quality videos for some new products or features, it does not look so good at the base, ie with the information for website operators. From time to time there was a clip that seemed almost careless and did not really bring added value, but that’s about it. So the Youtube channel never got much attention and was not known. That should change now however.

As reported by Search Engine Land, Google now wants to put more energy into content creation and create a new format that addresses website owners through the Google Webmaster channel. With the series * SEO Mythbusting * they finally want to use their own video platform and produce content that is not only visually appealing, but also conveys important content. The trailer released for this already looks promising – and next week it should start right.

Above all, questions and myths about technical SEO should be discussed and clarified in the show. Martin Splitt, part of the Google WTA team, brings people from Google to the camera and speaks directly to them about the respective issues. That seems even more appealing than the usual explanatory lectures by just one person. The trailer is definitely very curious and many are looking forward to the first episode of the show. And, of course, most people hope that Google reveals details about search engine optimization here and there. For this reason alone, the series should be well received. In addition, most of the people are still looking forward to some tutoring or food for thought about SEO.