Google invests in security

Security and especially data protection is a high priority in today’s world – much emphasis is placed on it, especially in European countries. Google is also aware of the importance of these topics and is therefore opening a new Safety Engineering Center (GSEC) to develop tools for more security and privacy. The GSEC will be opened in Munich, and by the end of the year the team of experts at the site will be increased to 200 people.

As Google announced, the focus of the new center is mainly on password manager work, the Google Account and the Google Security Check. In addition, privacy settings should also be possible for Google Maps, the Assistant and Youtube. In order to achieve these goals, Google deliberately chose the location Germany, because the Germans are considered the best example for the importance of privacy and privacy in Europe. Nowhere else does the topic receive so much attention.

But it is not just the Safety Engineering Center that is investing in safety. In addition, Google also announced just to provide a fund with a volume of 10 million euros. Universities, non-profit organizations, research institutes and other organizations from Europe can apply for funding if they are dedicated to security. As Google said, it’s not just promoting projects that deal with online security, it’s also about offline projects that may deal with anti-hate speech or the like. For this purpose, a maximum of one million euros will be spent per project, so that several projects can benefit from the support.

The focus on safety is, of course, to be welcomed. Google has certainly opened up a few doors here with the choice of location, because Germany in particular, lawsuits and fines in the area of ​​data security and privacy are often resorted to. With a center for just these topics in the country, you can certainly calm some minds a bit.