Search Console: New Removal Report

It is actually most of us wanting websites or individual subpages as well as possible with Google. Sometimes, however, the opposite is necessary, then there is a need for ways to remove content – as quickly and easily as possible. A new Removals Report has now been created in the Search Console and temporary removals, outdated content and SafeSearch filtering can be addressed without any problems.

What is possible with the new Removals Report in the Search Console? There are several things that can be achieved with it:

  • the temporary removal of a URL for about six months! The URL is taken from the search results and the cached copy is deleted.
  • clearing the cache URL! This deletes the cached page and the description snippet from the search results until the page is crawled again.
  • removing outdated content! This ensures that the website does not appear in the search results when there is no search for content that is no longer available.
  • Google’s review of reported adult content. If user pages report adult content, the corresponding URLs can be submitted to Google for review and it will be shown which Google will ultimately classify as adult content.

Google not only provides the removal tool, but also gives information about when the tool should be used and for what purposes it is not suitable. It should be used if a URL, whether for an image or a page, is to be removed from the search quickly. It can also be used to show that sensitive content has been removed and Google is also doing the removal. Google also explicitly points out again that problems with a URL are only temporary removals and these problems should be resolved after six months. The page could also reappear in Google Search if it is not removed or password-protected. You should also pay attention to this.