Address your target group

Marketing works best when it addresses exactly the wishes of the target group and thus ensures that an immediate buying impulse sets in. Therefore, it is also very important to know your target audience with all preferences. The first step in successful targeting is to find out where the potential customers can be found. This can be done via SEO, or even across campaigns of various kinds. Until then, it is usually quite easy and there are many interested parties on the website or landing page. But then turning them into customers is much more demanding!

In the dating area, the user wants one thing above all, in order to opt for a registration: take a look at the members of the offer. If he sees attractive pictures or profiles that correspond to his wishes and preferences, the chance of registering increases enormously. It is therefore important to show exactly what the user wants. This is precisely where our Profile Advertising comes into play. This will not just allow you to see any pictures and profiles from the listing, but you can choose exactly what suits your audience. It starts with the sex, goes on over to the age and also the region. For example, if you are looking for girls between the ages of 20 and 30 in a specific city, you do not want to see 40-year-olds from another region. You see, profile advertising can make a big difference.

But that’s not all that can be selected in Profile Advertising. Depending on how you design your marketing and what you need for it, you can also choose in imaXcash if you want to use all the profiles that meet your selection criteria, or maybe just individual ones. If you want all of them, you have an XML export available that will give you everything you need comfortably. If you only want to use individual profiles, this is easily possible. All you need to do is copy the link, including your webmaster ID, from the preview of the profile. No matter what you choose, it’s super fast and it will make a big difference in your marketing. Try it right now!