Corona Virus: the entertainment industry may benefit!

Actually, we don’t want to hear the word anymore, because it currently dominates all the media and our everyday life in many respects. But it may still make sense to see the Corona Virus and its effects, businesswise from a different perspective, and take measures to survive the spread without negative economic consequences. In contrast to many other business areas, the online industry can more often than not continue to operate without any major issues and does not have to fear failure.

The spread of the Corona Virus seems to be unstoppable, and in addition to the health effects, the economic effects are now increasingly in the focus of the media. Large trade events are canceled worldwide, those who rely on deliveries from China are sometimes forced to put their business on hold completely, and the fear of infection is a to bout hit the tourism industry in particular and cause a major downturn this year. For companies with compact teams, there is always the fear that an infected person could cause that the whole staff can suddenly no longer appear at work. The stock market is also feeling the effects, and the stocks are on a downward slide.

In these times, which present unprecedented economic challenges, many do appreciate, if they don’t have to leave their house for their job, and avoid direct contact with their customers. With this respect, the online entertainment industry has a big advantage over many other lines of work. And especially in online ​​dating, there may be expected even an increase in leads, since the desire for contact online increases once the possibilities in the offline world are limited. Online flirt not only offers a chance to distract one from all the negative news, but it also means having fun without the risk of infection. At the same time, online contacts are made during the times once the in person options are limited, due to the virus – and this means that the holding times are also likely to be significantly longer.