This SEO trick is not necessary

Good rankings in the Google SERPs are extremely important if you do not primarily rely on media buying. Many people know that, and that’s why the battle for the first page of search results is always on. One or two spots higher or lower can make a big difference in the number of visitors and therefore also in sales. That’s why pretty much every trick in the book that helps on page and off page optimization is used. While no amount of effort is spared, it is not always clear, whether the measures also lead to success.

We all know that the Google algorithm is extremely complex and many factors determine a good placement in the search results. It is often the details that determine success or failure.. That’s why there are a lot of SEO tricks that are aimed at exactly what may just marginally improve the rankings. These tricks include for example a redirection in WordPress, which is related to the loading of images. Basically, WordPress generates sort of a landing page once we upload an image. Depending on the particular theme, there is the picture only visible to the bots or in addition, the image description.

So far, many webmasters and SEO experts believe that these auto-generated pages can have even too much attempted effect and are not in line with the ”thin content strategy”. For this reason, they did the work around and pass the calls that were previously to the image attachment pages to the actual image URL. A certain SEO expert asked Google directly on Twitter, whether this measure is really necessary, or at least could create a minor advantage. Google’s webmaster trends analyst Johannes Müller replied quite clearly: he sees no benefit in it. The image attachment pages are not really a problem in terms of ‘thin content’, and the redirects do not bring any real benefits.

A plenty of time and effort was invested in the redirects, you may use it wiser. For example, to adapt the theme you use, in order for it to eventually display the image description on the image attachment page – and to fill this image description with meaningful texts. This has more effect on the optimization and the additional content can be further indexed by Google.