Germany Loves Online Dating

Over the last couple of months, we have been covering different countries and their market potential for online dating. However, we have always excluded a country – that was one of the first, where we set up our dating offers. You probably already guessed it: We are talking about Germany! The German market is really big and certainly one to be taken seriously.. Even though the Internet may get regulated at times and there are some difficulties with regards to the digitization and internet access, people always like to go online to have fun!

In polls, 44 percent of Germans have stated that they have already successfully used online dating and have met someone, while 42 percent even believe that the love of their life can be found on the Internet. It is not surprising, that there is a substantial amount of money spent on online dating. According to a Bitkom survey, the total volume of the market amounts to approximately 150 million euros per year – and every single user of dating offers spends on average 38 euros per month. However, this is rarely spent on just one offer or product. More than half of the current dating site users are registered on several sites and trying their luck.

The German dating market has a lot to offer and even if there may be even larger markets that attract a lot of traction, there’s a huge amount of money to be made in Germany. Thanks to a proven track record, many years of established presence and a notable experience in this market, we at imaXcash can offer you offers that work and deliver sustainable sales. Of course, we also help you to find the right products for your type of traffic. Let’s chat and let’s rock the German market together!