Search Console inspires with new functions

In recent years, the Google Search Console has changed from a surveillance tool that is rather annoying for many to a really useful tool that offers support in everyday life. Last year there were great new features that are used briskly and help to optimize websites and, above all, to better evaluate data.

Now the Search Console offers something new again and thus inspires website operators. For example, it is now possible to track performance data directly via the search. Analytics widgets for own pages were discovered in the SERPs. Google confirmed in the Google Webmasters account on Twitter that it is now possible to set whether you want to see this performance data in the SERPs or not. You can even select the properties for which this data is to be displayed and where it is not desired.

Also new are the email preferences, which enables everyone to focus on the really important messages. The Search Console now gives you the option to choose which messages you consider most important that you want to receive an email about them. You can just as well select “unsubscribed” for some emails to stop receiving them. Choosing this setting does not mean that the information is lost. It can still be viewed via the Search Console – there is only no notifications about them, if you wish. In this way, the emails can be reduced to the essentials and the distraction is minimized.

With these features, the Search Console is again a bit more attractive for website operators and ensures that it is easier to access the data with which you really want or need to work. Google helps to keep the focus and to get the information you need more easily. This simplification and better user experience brings many sympathy points to the group and increasingly ensures that the Search Console is no longer viewed as a monitoring tool.