Dating Has No Real Rules

We often go through all sorts of online dating blogs and check for feedback from the online dating site users themselves. How they react to various sites, what features they like and similar. In order to find out what could may be the right idea to implement next, in order to make the customer experience better.

What often happens though, and is the more amusing part, is that these often also try to put together some sort of do’s or don’t when it comes to dating. One of the rules that is there most of the time is that it’s the man who should make the first contact. That is, however, often no longer the case in the offline world, and online is with this respect no different.

In fact online may be different, but the other way around. When it comes to casual and flirt dating, that also entails a certain level of confidentiality, females are more comfortable to be, often way more initiative, and make their pick. As it’s often the case, even very good looking women may often find men that don’t have enough confidence to approach them. Our online products bypass this.

With the wide portfolio of sites that we offer, it’s only a matter of targeting to find the right match for your customers. And the stimulated activity and initiative of women on our dating sites is a solid sales argument that you may even use with your promotion!