Don’t make your Email into a Time Killer (Handy Tool Tip)

How many times a day do you check your mailbox? Honest question – they say that it may happen as much as ten times or more per day with most people. And many of those that work online do tend to obsess about their mailbox. Of course checking one’s mailbox too often may become a time killer that negatively affects one’s productivity

There are studies that show that every distraction and interruption from a work task may mean as much as 20 minutes to tune back properly. And every interruption easily brings many more potential interruptions as a follow up. As a rule of a thumb, don’t forget that checking your email doesn’t make much sense, as long as you’re not ready to reply and follow up, and if you do – it clearly interferes with the tasks you work on.

For those that lack the discipline to limit their obsessive mailbox checking , there’s a handy tool that will allow for your mailbox to be synchronized three times a day only. Adios for Gmail or Gsuite enables you exactly that. Keep in mind that as long as someone sends you an email, it’s probably not this urgent in the first place. And if you’re worried about not replying to your boss or to your most important partners – you can adjust the priority email addresses in the settings.

To set up he Adios Email tool is simple and fast – it’s also free. As long as you get used to the routine of not checking your mailbox more than twice or three times a day, and make it a habit, not only will you be rewarded with more productivity, you also won’t need any tools anymore.

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