Grow Your Earnings with a WhiteLabel

If you are about to use proven dating offers such as those available with imaXcash, everything is in place, the promo tools, rigorously tested designs, tracking – more importantly a top optimized product that’s constantly improved in order to grow it’s performance and returns for those that promote it online. However, you’re offering the exact same offer, that many others do, no matter how well it works.

Especially if you’re buying traffic or use e-mail marketing for your promotion, you may easily find yourself promoting the same offer as other affiliates to the one and same audience, sometimes even using the same promo tools. Especially if you own a good catchy domain, there may be ways around it, to build your own brand.

A White-label may serve as a great alternative to your own product. In order to get a turnkey, top performing product with your own brand. You can get an imaXcash white-label, with your own logo, color combination and button design. Also all the email templates are of course suitably adjusted to your new white-label.

Your product, that you promote, is about to be way easier to brand and to recognize. Don’t forget that not only the name, but more importantly images aka your logo, is what can make your audience to remember the brand. As the branding recognition grows, the value of your offer grows as well, you’re likely to expect some generic extra sign ups.