5 Useful Crome Add-Ons for Online Marketers

While there’s many add-ons one can use the most challenging part is actually to find those that truly are useful to one’s work. Besides the regular apps online tools or software, Chrome add-ons can come handy, here are 5 tips that you may find useful.


A handy tool to make screenshots in all sorts of sizes, one can edit, save send by mail and much more. One can select an area, visible part, or the whole page. No registration necessary, fast and flawless!

First Paint & Page Load Time

Loading time is an important factor when it comes to ranking well in search engines. Sometimes it may be quite challenging to determine what is yet a good loading time, and what not. First Paint & Page Load Time shows the loading time of a website instantly.

SEO Quake

SEO Quake offers a solid overview of the basic data related to a website. One can choose either a permanent view in our browser or a view by clicking on demand. There’s a number of parameters one can wish to display depending on what he prefers. From the domain age, the number of indexed sub-pages, all the way to the number of indexed backlinks – that all is available for a one-click overview.

Clear Cache

If you work on a website, you know the pain when you try to display the changes you made in a browser. Clear Cache makes clearing the actual cache possible with one simple click. One can also define what exactly should get cleared (Cookies etc.) and what time frame.

SEO Meta in 1 Click

Can you evaluate the on-page optimization of a website in one look? SEO Meta in 1 Click does a good job at trying to do just that. One can take a look at keywords, titles, descriptions etc. are used, if the pictures are optimized and so on. All relevant meta data are displayed, including a hint at what may need more optimization yet.

While many add-ons may be useful, it’s highly advisable that you only keep those that you use, and not too many in general. As they may make using the browser difficult, slower and problematic.