6 Useful Google Search Hacks

When it comes to Google, most of what we cover are tips for you as a website operator. Especially SEO or all sorts of Tools, or practices. This time we’ll cover that from a different perspective – from the perspective of a user, that may help you to phrase your search requests more effectively.

There are tipps that one can use when it comes to actual search, which may be helpful for just about everybody professionally or personally alike. Most do know that if one searches for an exact term one can use the parenthesis (“Search Term”). One can also exclude some search results using a minus “-” for example “Search Term -Wikipedia” should display search results excluding the results from Wikipedia.

Most also do know the “site: Keyword” search format – this way one can look for keywords or search terms within a particular site. This is very useful especially when it comes to large portals with a lot of content.

But what other hacks can one use when it comes to Google search? Here are a few useful tips:

  • If you don’t know a part of a search query – you can you use a placeholder. Example “Concert by * in London on October 10th”
  • want to make a quick check about related sites or searches? Simply use “related:yourdomain.com” and search related sites, and their inbound link sources
  • Are you in a particular city and have no program? Just type in for example “Events London” or “Cinema program London” and you’ll get an overview
  • One that works online also often needs to work with various currencies – a simple way to convert is to put in for example “100 USD to EUR”
  • One can also translate a particular word using the format, for example “translation word German”
  • What time is it in Sidney, Shanghai or Cape Town? Simply put in “time City” and you’ll get your answer

Whether you knew these or not, hopefully these tips may come one handy.