Dating on Mobile – A Must

No need to mention the importance of mobile offers and optimization on today’s online dating market. After the mobile internet appeared on stage sometime circa 2010 the importance of a smooth mobile site performance only grew. Depending on the site type, it’s not unusual that say 60 % of users do access that from their mobile.

Our flagship imaXcash has been on the case early, and continues to regularly analyze and optimize its mobile users experience. As with many other if not most services, also our dating sites use is going from a large part on mobile devices. The option to keep the interaction going anytime one waits or commutes is priceless and makes online dating all the way more exciting.

The approach at imaXcash is to give each and every dating offer its own mobile face aka full “app” type of design. Take advantage of that and enjoy some of the best conversions, free to pay ratios, and holding types with the many countries we service!