Google Introduces its Yearly Web Spam Report

The number is 25 Billion, that’s the amount of websites that is daily labeled as “spam” by Google. One of the big daily tasks for Google is to identify sites that may be harmful or otherwise non compliant and to lower or remove them from search. The number comes from the yearly web spam report .

The basic goal with Google Search is to serve the most relevant results fast, meaning that a site brings the desired content without any obstacles to the user. The 25 billion Websites that are not indexed daily is a huge number that should guarantee that more than 99 % of the search results being relevant and spam-free.

Among the most popular spam methods is still Links spam, where there are irrelevant backlinks added en masse in order to improve the search ratings. Based on the report, this is in approximately 90 % of the cases identified, therefore way not as effective as it used to be in the past – especially using paid links. Then there are automatically generated sites its content is scraped from other sites, full of ads or even malicious content.

While the success ratio has been reportedly increased by 60 % compared to 2018, the success ratio does not yet reach that of the Links Spam. Spam recognition is managed by internal applications and specialists. Also users can report spam, phishing, or malware. Based on the report, in 2019 there were 230 000 reports submitted, 82 % of these followed by an actual action.